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What is Samsung Is Making MicroLED TV Sizes That Are More

What is Samsung Is Making MicroLED TV Sizes That Are More

Samsung's consumer-friendly version of its larger-than-life wall display will eventually be available in the more appropriate 76-inch version - you know, those of us whose homes may not actually have 110-inch TVs.

Samsung today announced a smaller version of MicroLED TV during its big Unbox and Discover event. While the 76-inch MicroLED will be made available "in the future", the company said the 99-inch and 110-inch versions of the TV will become available closer to April. (It will also sell an 88-inch version of the TV, and that size is slated to launch in the fall.) Samsung previously limited the 110-inch version of its MicroLED technology-powered TV during CES beyond the size Was announced. year.

Samsung's most popular TV, in thrilling news for frame monitors, is the TV's rise to 6GB (which Samsung says supports storage for about 1,200 UHD images) from 500MB of storage in its 2021 model. With a larger storage will be promoted. Later this year the company will also introduce a new frame accessory called My Shelf for its 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch frame sizes. It is a ship in beige, white, brown and black and is meant to help Samsung's technology blend into your décor more seamlessly. Think of it as a kind of display board to display your TV with other art or objects.

But that's not all the TV news Samsung threw at us today. Samsung is also releasing a new full-sun version of its terrace television in the size of about 75 inches by summer. Meanwhile, Frame and all Samsung's Q70A 4K TVs and up-to-date Console and PC games will offer AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, a plus for serious gamers.

And speaking of gaming, this year the company's Odyssey Gaming Monitor will be equipped with Quantum MiniLED enhancements and the company's Quantum Matrix technology. Additionally, Samsung stated that its QLED was in Canada and the U.S. Has the official TV of the Xbox Series X, as it did with the Xbox One X in the past. The company's 2021 Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, and QLED 4K TVs are now available for purchase or pre-order.

Finally, AirPlay 2 is headed to Samsung's funky rotating Cerro TV, which supports what has been familiar to a recently deceased streaming service. Per Samsung, iOS devices can be added to Cerro "to automatically rotate the TV screen depending on the landscape or portrait orientation of the phone". It seems as if even in death, Quabby still manages to find a way. According to the company, Apple Quibi + will be supported "soon".

The Samsung Home Entertainment product lineup is undergoing major changes in 2021.

The company recently announced that it was borrowing the technology used for its modular microLED display. Wall for the new consumer ready micro TV that does not require professional installation. When Samsung initially broke the news last month, it announced only the 110-inch monstrous version of this new TV. Now, however, Samsung has confirmed that its new MicroLED TVs will also ship in 99- and 88-inch models. "Small" doesn't really sound like the right word here, but maybe "marginally less showy" is the right way to describe these humble screens.

We have yet to see these MicroLED displays in action, but they look fantastic on paper. Samsung says that TVs produce a wider color gamut with pricey DSLR cameras. He also gets a powerful boost from a new Micro AI processor and describes as a Samsung 5.1 channel system that uses object-tracking to deliver sound accurately. The largest of the three can also be divided into four individual streams, each displaying its own 55-inch photograph. It is essentially four normal sized televisions in one!

One thing that is unclear how much they cost - the company told Gizmodo that it would share more information in the spring. But perhaps it is safe to assume that with all the giant TVs, they will spend a small fortune.

In addition, Samsung's popular Frame TV is getting a slimmer and more customizable option of 24.9 mm, including the ability to literally frame your frame. Additionally, its 43-inch models will now be able to go in either portrait or landscape mode.

In other exciting home entertainment news, Samsung is also offering a new Echo remote control that uses indoor or outdoor lights (as well as USB-C ports) to charge the wand. According to Samsung, this super-sleek matte black remote lasts for two years on a single charge and is made with 28% recycled polyethylene terephthalate. This neat new remote solution will come with every 2021 Samsung QLED 4K and 8K TV, which is a bonus if you are already laid out for one.

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